Graphics card upgrade 8800gtx sli to 650 sli

Hi All
Looking at upgrading my existing graphics cards currently running 8800gtx sli which i have been running for a fair number of years now, is it worth upgrading to 650 sli ? or should I just go for one higher spec cards like 670 - 680 ?

Havent bought a card in a while and out of touch with the new stuff, I have looked at a few bench marks and a few reviews but none is that conclusive of if its worth the change.


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  1. What motherboard and CPU will you be using?
  2. I would go with a single radeon 7870
  3. specs from old machine would be nice.

    i think it's always best to get single card.
  4. I also agree that it would be better to go with a single, more powerful card. The gtx 670, radeon 7950/7970 are great high end options.

    If you want something a little closer to mid-range (but still an upgrade), then the 7870 or 660 ti should definitely suffice.
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