Am I doing cable correctly?

Hi, first time building so i have a question about connecting the cables to the mobo. So far i done a few... For example Power SW cables, Green and black, I connected black to GND and green to PWRBTN# , Reset SW Black and Red i connected black to GND and red to RESET# then the HDLED cables White and Red I connected White to HDLED + and red to HDLED -

Sorry if i wrote this in a horrible format that makes it bad to read :na: i have the Z77 Extreme4 mobo btw :) Thanks in advance!
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    have you looked at your manual?

    Yes sir, I have. The Manual does not specify this or at least I'm too stupid to see it :( I do realise that the black and white cables are ( - ) and red and green are ( + ) but what I'm not sure of is should the ( + ) go to GND ( I'm persuming GND is ( - ) ) or should it go to the PWRBTN#

    sorry if I am confusing again... I'm a rookie :cry:
  2. Ok thanks so that means the black cable would go to ground
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