Gaming comp for 300$

what should i get and please include links for a decent gaming computer for 300$ max. i would preferably like to use
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  1. $400 is what I consider the minimum budget for a computer outright (if the OS is included in the cost). To get a gaming oriented rig you really need to be offering $700+.

    Otherwise go with the above build, though I personally would swap this PSU in.
    Corsir CX430, 80+ Bronze. $40 ($20 rebate)
  2. Tough budget, though I would go with this personally

    A10 5800k APU $130
    4GB Crucial 1333 RAM $27
    Rosewill R363 w/400watt PSU $55
    LG DVD Burner-OEM $17
    MSI FM2 A55 (Hudson D2) $45
    WD Blue 250GB HDD

    Total: $323.94 + shipping and Handling

    A little bit better than Vehlor's for a little bit less. If you still can't afford it then swap out the A10 for an A8 or even an A6 if necessary.
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