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I just got a nice computer upgrade. A brand new ASUS Motherboard. AMD Quad Core 3.3 Ghz Proccesor. A nice fan. I have everything plugged in properly, but it doesnt want to start. What is happening is i press the power button and the front LED for the button blinks. All of the fans sputter a endlessly and there is no video (I have a radeon HD 5770 graphics card) I also unplugged everything and it gave me the same issue. I fear i need a new PSU (my current one is 650 watts) I hope you can respond soon and help me out. Thank you very much
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  1. full spec? not just an ASUS motherboard, AMD quad core 3.3 GHz, a 650w PSU.
  2. actually i have fixed the sputtering effect. now i need it to display
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