Msi Amd Radeon HD 7850 blackscreen problem

In games only (i play Hitman Absolution now) i run everything on ultra fps is just fine,just i get blackscreen with sound loop and i only need to hard shutdown,its randomly happens,my pc is new,1 month old,what should i do? i've updated graphic drivers to newest,i tested with disabling sound in control panel for 30 minutes,and nothing happens,maybe its sound i dont know,i found so many problems ojn internet like mine this is how it looks like when it happens
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  1. anyone ? ??
    still happening in hitman ,i play dota 2 fine,and la noire...temp is just normal...what else can i check
  2. Hello.
    Im having the Same problem with my radeon hd6870.

    some people succeeded at fixing it by uninstalling amd audio driver. (device manager > audio > amd audio driver > right click then uninstall)
  3. ill try that,i tried disable but no succes
  4. ok i disabled,no more black screen,but now i rarely have colored screen with vertical lines ,what should i do next
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