Best GPU for Heavily Modded Skyrim?

Hello, I'm going to build a new high-end gaming system, run all games at max using single 1920x1080 screen.
I want to play skyrim + ENB and other graphical mods at MAX and soon will be released the elder scrolls online i like to run it at max too.

Which GPU is better for skyrim and other games like GTA5 and CRYSIS 3, GTX 680 Lightning or ASUS MATRIX 7970 Platinum OC?

Which card will perform better?

My build specs:
i7-3770k 4.2GHz
ASUS Maximus V Formula
GPU ???
G.Skill Sniper 1866Mhz 8Gb
V6GT CPU Cooler
Corsair HX 1050W (probably i will add another gpu)
CM Storm Trooper
500GB WD Caviar Black
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB

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  1. Skyrim runs a little better with Nvida, but either card will you you fine. I would suggest the 4gb version of 680. The 7970 has 3gb which is plenty.
  2. from what ive seen with current drivers and skyrim @1080p. the 680 wins but unless your looking to play games with phyisics (borderlands 2 for example). then id get the 7970. its $60 cheaper. and comes with 3 games opposed to nvidias 2.
  3. Either will do what you want, if you like nvidia get the 680 if you like AMD get the 7970, if you don't care get the least expensive.
  4. GTA V is suspected be as demanding as IV.

    My GTX 660 runs skyrim with about 12 Graphics enhancements on at 80 fps. So a very strong GPU isn't really needed.

    GTX 680 is very expensive compared to the performance. I'd go either Radeon 7970 or GTX 670. GTX 670 is only 5% behind GTX 680, so not worth the extra bucks.
  5. if all you want to do it mod skyrim, than go with the 3gb 7970
  6. or the 4gb 670 or 680
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