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help please i own a HD 2600 Pro AGP and can't get it to work with my windows 7 never!they just dont get along...a year ago i remember playing call of duty 4 on it (i had xp sp3 than) and everything was after installing drivers for my card first there were some lags in-game and i wasnt able to play because of some black artifacts..than i installed some older drivers and game was running great but there were just too many BSOD' pc specs are: AMD Athlon XP3200+ 2.2 gHz,1,5 GB RAM,ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro AGP,HDD 60 GB,..i would really appreciate if someone could show me how to be able to play cod4 and other fps games without BSOD....thank you very much
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  1. i'll try it right now...thanks ;)
  2. here is the catch....when i download that driver and extract it after running it i click custom installation and there is HDMI sound driver,ati catalyst installer and few other things but no display driver :S
  3. The ATI catayst installer is the video driver.
  4. Force install the PCIE driver (device manager, (VGA adaptor) update driver -> browse location -> let me pick from a list -> (browse to driver folder)

    manually pick any 2600 series adaptor and accept

    also you could try windows update...

    why are you still using an AGP system?
  5. i have completely new setup but my mobo broke ( i dropped it -.- dont ask) and i just need new one...when i force install driver from driver manager my pc restarts and i get Blue Screen saying IRQL-DRIVER_NOT_LESS_OR EQUAL
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