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I currently have a HIS Radeon 6850 IceQ Today I Started Playing Batman Arkham City On Max Settings And Got Lag So I Think It's About Time To Upgrade...What's The Modern Day Graphics Card That Can Play Any Game On Max Settings? Or Should I Just invest In Another HIS Radeon 6850 And Go With Crossfire? Looking For The Least Expensive Option All Suggestions Welcome :D
also need a new motherboard under $200

I have a i5 2500k, 8gig ram, windows 7, 650 watts to work with
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  1. I'd suggest GTX 670 for the GPU - by going with Nvidia you'll be able to enjoy PhysX in Batman as well :).

    As for the motherboard, this one is an excellent match for i5-2500k:

    Though, what is your current motherboard that you want to upgrade it?
  2. What is your max to spend all together? like I know u can spend 200$ on the motherboard but what about the graphics card. unless you just want me to name the best Single GPU right now. (Which comes at a tie between the 7970 and the GTX 680) But for the money a GTX 670 will get you max settings on most every game out to date
  3. MSI P67A-G43 (B3) is my current motherboard, & My budget is $400 In total
  4. I'd just get the GTX 670 then. Why do you think you need a new motherboard?
  5. I'd go GTX 670, as above, and why new motherboard?
  6. The boot screen would hang so I couldn't access bios so I sent it to MSI for replacement ended up finding out they bent the motherboard with pliers for they wouldn't have to replace it luckily I was able to file a insurance claim with UPS and got my money + the motherboard back...which oddly it worked found out all I needed was a bigger monitor for it would stop hanging xD so I'm done doing business with MSI and I'm still using the bent motherboard, I did turn the OC Genie on my MSI Motherboard and now batman isn't lagging with max settings, so I'm content with what I got now until I find a game that I actually do play that gives me crappy frame rates I appreciate the suggestions, I'll just go for a new motherboard for now and upgrade when necessary
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