Asus ENGT240 on Biostar G41D3C


I am building a PC for my father-in-law. He has brought a Asus ENGT240 graphics card for his Biostar G41D3C mobby build.

I can get graphics via on-board VGA outlet, but when I add the card to the PCI-e slot, I loose all picture, on-board and extender.

I do not think that this card actually compatible with this mobby and believe either a GForce or Radeon should be used. Can anyone else confirm?

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  1. Bump........
  2. what chipset is the gfx card?
    if thats a nvidia gt240 i doubt it is compatible
  3. Yes, it is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 chipset.

    Any ideas why this is an issue? Just more for my own information.........
  4. The problem is not the board being from amd but something else, like e.g : PCI Express 2.0 is what the card requires although it can be placed on a pcie slot 1.0 16x like that board, since it only powers up from that it can sometimes cause incompatibility(not powering up) or check the bios and see if the main graphics is set for pci-e not onboard.
    It could also be a faulty card.
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