Setting Defualt monitor for Bios

So I have a VGA old Monitor That I am using, with a Nice big HD TV that I use for my main screen. I am running them both through my Video card.

On my bios it has an option to choose which Port I want the bios to run in. The ports are


I am just afraid to change this setting and not be able to see my bios and really screw myself lol.
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  1. What video card do you have, and what monitor do you want to run the BIOS on? I am assuming the HD TV?
  2. Yea, Its running on the VGA, I want it on the HD TV. I got a Nvidia Asus 550 Ti
  3. Sorry, I couldn't find the info I needed to give you a solid answer. You could always try something out, then if things go sour, reset the BIOS. Since the 550 TI has three display options, I would stick with the first three you have listed.
  4. Yea, Imma give it a shot playing around with the settings till I get it. I just been so pre-occupied with getting Windows 8 working (install activation media center etc. etcc. whole thing has been a utter nightmare)

    If I disconnect the VGA monitor tho, It boots thru HDMI, so I can probably just check the setting that way, just thought of it few mins ago, hasn't been my main train of thought lol

  5. Haha, yeah I guess that's always an option too. Good luck getting everything going.
  6. didnt Work. The List I provided was incorrect, It was just off the top of my head its

    Peg 1
    Peg 2
    Peg 3
    Peg 4

    Which Peg=PCI Express lol.

    My GPU just runs at Standard VGA, If VGA Monitor is plugged in, I dont have a GPU Chipset on my Mobo so I couldnt load to GPU with HD Monitor on, but plugging into the VGA or w/e Port on your mobo with Alt monitor should work, for those reading this post in the future.
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