ATi HD3780x2 Issues

I have a Ati 3870x2 recently installed witch keeps what i think making my pc cut off

AMD Athlon x3 UCC AMD Phenom b35x4
4GB ddr3 ram
2tb hd
Gigabyte M68MT-S2
500W PSU

I had a Ati 4870 installed before witch gave me no problems is the 3870x2 a better gpu? and also can some one tell me why it keeps cutting out just cut completely off nothing to explain why just power of like if you hold the off button for 3+ seconds.

Also will this setup play farcry 3 and also blackops 2?

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  1. What make/model of PSU are you using? Could be either a defective PSU or GPU at this point. Also, the single HD4870 is a better solution for these games than the HD3870x2.
  2. Thanks for the reply COLGeek,

    Its a generic psu no brand really and i forgot to menction its only when i play games about 10 minuets in or 1 hour in just randomly, A friend told me that i need a 700W+ for my setup is this true? and really? i though the 3870x2 being crossfire with 2 gpus would be the better one? plus the 4870 was only 512MB.
  3. The 3870 is an even older technology than the 4870. The 38XX series requires a lot of power and generates a ton of heat, and you have 2 of them running (essentially).

    A stronger PSU is definitely needed for it to work properly. Your generic 500w PSU might be putting out 350w of useful power.

    How much budget do you have to work with in order to get a better PSU?
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