Please recommend me a Video Card below 200$

Just recently, a friend of mine from the U.S. offered to give me a new video card as a gift this Christmas, provided it is within the 200$ budget. He said he can buy from Newegg (which is a good news, since i can't buy from Newegg directly cause im from the Philippines) and he will just give it to me personally.

Please give me some recommendations.. Thanks :D

Btw: here are my PC Specs:

2x2gb G.Skill Ripjaws X
FSP Epsilon 600w 80+
Coolermaster K-380 PC Chasis

Please give me some recommendations.. Thanks :D
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  1. I would say a 7870/660 ti/ will be about the highest you can get on that cpu without bottleneck, but for $200, I would say a hd 7850, or a 7870 for about $20 more if you can.
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion guys.. I was also looking at the 7850 or GTX 660. Anyway, those cards you recommended are awesome. I like ASUS's designs personally, is Sapphire a good brand?
  4. Anyway, is that 7870 that much of an improvement compared to the 7850?

    Yes it is!!! And for 30$ its worth it for sure.
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  7. Im glad i helped you.

    Good luck !
  8. Thanks sir.. I really wanted the way the ASUS 7850 Looks, but if i can find a 7870 for the same price, i would gladly get it. Performance > Aesthetics when it comes to video cards :D
  9. Well asus is better than Sapphire regarding to cooling/noise and aesthetics :)

    But that means more $ so not really worth it when u can get performance. ;)
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