Question about upgrading drivers on my Radeon hd 7770

So I ordered my new graphics card a sapphire radeon hd 7770 and i am new to amd because i have had nvidia all my life. My question is about upgrading drivers. Im trying to figure out everything now so it will be smooth sailing from when i get it and onwards. I am going to install the 12.11 drivers the new beta drivers and when i want to update the drivers in the future do i need to uninstall those drivers and get the new ones or does the update do that for you. In nvidia it would do it for me when i used the autodetect driver tool.

So thats my first question.
My second question is, is the auto-detect driver/update useful in the future or should i just download the latest drivers from the links?

Thanks in advance
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  1. You should uninstall the Nvidia drivers, at least.
    Preferably you should:
    Download and install Driver Sweeper (or Drivercleaner).
    Download the latest driver package from the AMD site directly, save it, but do n't run the installer yet.
    Uninstall your Nvidia drivers.
    Restart in Safe Mode.
    Run the driver cleaner software but check EVERY item to be deleted-If in doubt, do not allow the delete.
    Shut down, remove the power lead and swap cards.
    Obviously, boot up here, the desktop may look odd, it's normal, just keep going.
    Run the AMD installer-the screen will flash and your desktop will look odd, it's normal ;).
    Restart once the install is over.
    You'll most likely have to change some settings at this point.
    Restart once everything is to your liking.
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