Finishing my 3820.. Help prevent further mistakes.

Apparently, there is a novel concept out there called value (should have went with an i5. Finishing a gaming rig, and am looking to new if my proposed upgrades are worth the money. Am hoping to push Crysis 3 at MAX or close to Max at 1920 X 1080. Later, am looking to add another GPU for SLI and pursue 2560 X 1440. Am a novice. Not planning to much overclocking. If I ever did, it would be light.

CPU - i7 3820 (Purchased)
CPU Cooling - H60 Using 2 X Corsair SP120 (Purchased)
Case - NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower (Purchased)
PSU - HX 850 (Purchased)
Motherboard - Asus Rampage IV Formula (Purchased)
RAM - Patriot Intel Extreme Masters DDR3 1600 2 X 8 or Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 2133 4 X 4
GPU - MSI GTX 680 Lightning (Purchased)
Sound Card - Asus Essence STX or Asus Rog Phoebus
Case Fans - Stock Case Fans, 4 X Corsair AF120 Performance Edition (Purchased)
Monitor - Asus VS239 (Purchased)
OS - Windows 8 (Purchased)
Headphone/Headset - N/A

Migrated the Patriot RAM from my old system. Planning to Upgrade to Quad Channel Mushkin Enhanced Redline DDR3 2133 to benefit from the motherboard's Quad Channel capability.
Smart? Leave as is? Different choice of Ram?

Also am unsure about the sound card. Seems like the Essence STX would be the clear choice if using Audiophile-grade, stereo headphones, while a 7.1 headset would be better driven by the Phoebus. Want a premuim Gaming/Movie expereince.
Am I Right,Wrong? Advice?

Any other changes or upgrades?
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  1. get 1600 CL 9 1.5V memory. the only difference you will notice between the 2133 is the price. if you want quad channel i would just add another set of the patriot ram you already have. also i would skip the sound card and see if the onboard is good enough. if not then you can always get a sound card. here is an article about asus sound cards that sell for $40.
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