Am i bottlenecking?

Hi, i just built my first gaming rig and i think my GTX 550 ti is not giving me its best performance my specs are:

CM Storm Enforcer
Dell Inspiron 518 Motherboard (on a budget il upgrade this later on)
3.5Gb ram ( will get 8Gb later on)
Core2Duo E4600 2.4Ghz (will upgrade to an i3 or i5 when i upgrade my motherboard)
200Gb os drive and a 500Gb storage drive
PNY GTX 550 Ti
Cheapo 750W power supply (will upgrade soon)
(my 550 Ti runs at around 50C under load i bought it brand new from fry's so im not sure if there are safe temps) ( 29C idle)

I am running Battlefield 3 on med settings on 15-25 fps i dont run on 1080p i have dual 17" monitors on 1208X1024

My question is am i under performing my GTX 550 Ti? :D
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  1. seems to be about where it should. your processor is old, dual core and "slow". putting a bigger card in will do nothing to help. run on 1 monitor at reduced resolution and make adjustments to game settings. until you make major changes to your system ( major upgrade ), (cpu/ram/mobo,etc.) nothing else will change.
  2. Just take a look at your cpu and gpu usage.
  3. I run Battlefield 3 with MSI 550 TI OC Cyclone at medium at about 80 FPS on 1 monitor (very old), Inspiron 570 with Phenom II x4 965 BE overclocked to 4 GHz on original motherboard. So, it is your processor, my condolences, upgrading the existing processor on the same motherboard would not change a lot in game, maybe add 10 FPS at most.
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