Is it worth to upgrade pc now?

I was wondering if it was worth upgrade the rig now, since new processors and gpus maybe coming on the next months. My actual rig don't let me play anything so i would like yout opinions about this.
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  1. if you have hardware before lga 775 on the intel side or something related to the althlon 64 x2, its probably time to upgrade
  2. right now i'm using althlon 64 x2 4000+ was thinking on the i7 3770k but i don't know if it worth get it now.
  3. for gaming, a i5 3570k is all you need. if you dont overclock, a i5 3470 is just as viable.

    i just need a budget to get a build started up
  4. i just saw some benches you are right the performance is almost the same with a lower cost. when should i start to worry about bottlenecks with one of these?
  5. We need a price limit..
  6. around 4,000 in the whole rig.
  7. US dollars or what? because no one invests that much into a pc if they are not making money off of it
  8. sorry, my mistake that's proably the price in dollars with taxes in my country, in usa should be around 2,500.
  9. which country?
  10. Brazil
  11. hmm. dont know too much about what you can pick up there but ill give it a shot

    id suggest getting the following

    -a i5 3450/3470 if you dont overclock and a i5 3570k if you overclock
    -a hyper 212 evo cooler if you overclock and if you dont, skip it
    - a h77 micro-atx motherboard if you dont overclock and a z77 board if you do overclock. tell me what you are thinking of buying
    -a gtx 660ti for the GPU or a 7950 if that is cheaper. tell me your selection
    -a 550w psu from antec, seasonic, corsair, xfx or other brands. tell me your selection
    -a good case like the fractal define R4 or a antec case. tell me what you can find and what you have selected
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