6950 crossfire working not in all games

As my thread name states my problem is that my crossfire 6950 does not work in all games.
In the begging my crossfire was not working at all and then I disabled ULPS through my registry. ULPS wasn't letting my second
card to withdraw power.

At Battlefield 3 both cards have activity of 60-80% and frame rate per second around 80 on medium graphics.

At Assassin's Greed III only my main card is working around 95% and the second sometimes uses 1 or 2% and then again 0%.

Can you please help me out?

Thanks for your support
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  1. Some games just dont run as well with Xfire or SLi, it could just be a compatibility issue.
  2. That's a known problem with assassins creed3. Sli/cross fire just doesn't work there. Maybe in the future. Write to the developer and tell them to fix these console ports!
  3. Thanks for your help!
    Now I know thats its not my problem :)
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