HD 6870/5870/5850


My question was about what kind of powersuplly (howmanny watt's) i would need with a new graphic card.

I want to play black ops 2 on like mid/max settings.

and which one should i buy ? HD 6870/5870/5850

My pc's specs ar :

processor : Intel duo 2 E6600
Motherboard : intel dp965lt
I got 3 gigs ddr2
and i got a Nvidia geforce 8500gt for now. and i just miss a couple fps on multiplayer, for a game without anny lagg.
atm a power supply of 350 watt
1 cd drive i rarely use,
and like 3 usb ports which im using for mouse keyboard and webcam.

if im forgetting some info please ask :)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Anyone?;(
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