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I'm probably going to purchase a Radeon 7850 for my new build. I've read a bunch of different brands/versions of this card.. do they make a difference in the actual card? Right now I've got an XFX Radeon HD 7850 listed in my build.. is that a decent one to go with or should I buy a different one?
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    As far as actual performance there really isnt a different between them, what the difference between them would be overclocking potential as some cards are better to overclock with and some arent. If you do play on overclocking then the Asus version would be the best. If your going to do no or minimal overclocking then the XFX would be just fine.
  2. Well what is your budget. Xfx is good but sapphire is better !
  3. My budget is basically $450 or so max for the whole build.. this card is around the most I plan on spending on a video card. I'm also worried about the CPU bottlenecking the card.. I'm looking at a G860. Should I look for something different/better?
  4. Yes u should. My G620 Bneck me at BF3 where i get only 50+ . On other games i can easily max out them.

    So what you want me to include in the build so i can make 1 for you with 450 $
  5. This is a build with the XFX Radeon 7850 that is under $450, which I am looking towards right now.
  6. Well that is good. You can always upgr that Cpu later.

    I did the same thing too :)

    Bought a G620 and saving for I5 now.
  7. Yeah, that's always a good possibility. I've read a few places though that the G860 should be roughly on par with the 7850. I'm not sure how much truth there is to it, but I'm hoping the G860 will do a little better than your G620 did with it. Thanks for the help.
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  9. Sure it will :)

    Good Luck !!
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