560 Ti Generalized Frame Drops

More recently I've been noticing my 560 Ti acting up when I'm doing anything GPU intensive. Video benchmarking, or running any game that doesn't give solid 60+ frames will cause my entire computer drops to 1 frame per second every 8-10 seconds, which obviously makes games unplayable.
Things I've tried that have given drops: Skyrim, Morrowind with Overhaul, Hitman: Absolution, Assassin's Creed 3, Dragon Age, and two video benchmark programs.

I've of course updated my video driver, after that didn't work I attempted a clean install and restarted my computer multiple times. I have not tried it in another computer. It also is not overheating, I run EVGA Precision with every game I play to monitor the temp and GPU usage, the card drops frames even under 50c, it just has to be under heavy load. If anyone has some information on this, that would be excellent. Thanks!
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  1. UPDATE: Solution has been found, and this may apply to many different video cards if you're having this issue. After much googling, nobody had anything productive to suggest, then asked my brother, who immediately replied "It's a Northbridge issue." So, 15 minutes later, I'm flashing my BIOS and updating to the newest version, and i'll be dipped in *** if it didn't give me a solid performance without a single large drop for an hour.

    TL;DR Update your BIOS.
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