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My internet gives me a 50Mbps wired/wireless connection in the room with the router and then 6Mbps in the office room which is nest to the room with the router and I have a full 5 bars of connectivity. I have connected wirelessly with Linksys e1000 and had that problem so then I bought a new D-link dir-615 and still had the same issue and since I can’t run a line through my rented town home I then ran a Netgear (XETB1001) Powerline Ethernet connection and the connection jumped up to 8 Mbps but I can’t get any higher how can I resolve this issue?
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  1. Are sure you are not getting Mbps and MBps mixed up? Many speed tests will provide results in MBps, which is about 1/8 to 1/10 of the Mbps rating.
  2. hey thanks fro the response but it was definitely Mbps and i got the issue resolved swapped out the router for a NETGEAR N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND GIGABIT ROUTER
    WNDR3700 resolved all my issues highly recommend to all for video streaming.
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