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Hello, this is my first post and after doing much research, I still haven't found an answer to my solution.
I have a GTX 560 at the moment and I'm hoping to add another one. Unfortunately, I can't buy the same exact one since it is out of stock, and I want to be able to get the deal on a similar card. My question, is, is that both of them are SLI but differ slightly in specs, will I be able to run them both and therefore run 3 monitors?

Here is the page of my current card :

And the new one :

Also, my motherboard does have two slots which means it's compatable as far as I know.
I also have a 750W power supply so I'm fine on that as well.

Answering soon would be great, I don't want to miss out on this deal! Thank you!
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  1. that is two different cards all together 560 - 560ti. so i am sorry to say that won't work in SLI.

    btw, any quality 750 watts PSU can handle any two graphics cards.
  2. Shoot, I totally overlooked that, however will this card work?
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    yes, as a matter of fact, perfectly since they both have the same clocks; 850 core and 4104 memory.
  4. Thanks alot man!
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  6. you're welcome. :)
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