Permanent Black Screen Display Driver Crash

I got 3 Nvidia Kernal Display Driver crashes in a row today on my system and after the last one, I have a permanent black screen, even when I try to boot the computer. The crashes happened in a time span of about 10 minutes. Built 6 months earlier...

Specs: i5-3570k, MSi GTX 460, Asrock pro3, Antec 600w PSU, 8GB Corsair 1600mhz XMS RAM, Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD

Just a little history in case it might help diagnose a solution: Shortly after building, got blue screens since power supply was too weak/poor quality for build; hence the Antec now. Next, got frequent BSODs and found out that 1 stick was defect. RMA'd the RAM and got new sticks and popped them in yesterday and was working fine until today. Any thoughts?
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  1. can you boot in safe mode?
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