The 2 2GB Gigabyte 670 Cards. GV-N670WF2-2GD vs. GV-N670OC-2GD

I'm looking at the 2 bottom cards listed here (not the 4GB one)

I'm not really interested in overclocking. Obviously, the 4GB one is the best but I'm focusing on the other 2. My main question is, since I'm going to be getting one of the latter 2 (money reasons) the 2nd one is more money on newegg and has 2 fans but the other one has higher stock speeds and 3 fans and is cheaper on newegg. This is confusing me. I tried searching this and all I found was that the one with 3 fans (GV-N670OC-2GD), runs cooler and that the one with 2 fans (GV-N670WF2-2GD), has higher stock speeds but that doesn't seem to be true, unless it's ment for overclocking? Any help is appreciated. The one with 3 fans, less money, higher speeds? The one with 2 fans, more money, lower speeds?
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    Those are the kings Of 670.

    The Asus one is cooler/quieter according to benchmarks

    But Evga is better in perfromance cuz it can OC like a beast. It has a 680 PCB and cooler. So if there is no problem with heating/noise go with the FTW version that is nearly close to the 680 when oced higher.

    Else the Asus one.
  2. If you're not going to OC, get the Zotac Amp!

    Factory oced to nearly 1.1ghz with boost up to 1176 mhz. It runs fairly cool too.

    And don't buy from newegg if you're going with the zotac. I think ncix has it for cheaper (closer to $400 range)

    Edit: ok.... my bad... it was like 2 weeks ago when they had it on sale for $400. now the lowest is $450.....

    In this case, go with the EVGA GTX 670 FTW. I got the card and pretty much stock, it can handle most games at 1080p maxed setting w/aa/af at 60 fps.

    And there's no reason to worry over coolers if you're not going to overclock.... you pretty much should just find the highest oced one and get that (unless the price/performance increase isn't worth it like the zotac....)

    But ya. at $380 w/ $20 mail in rebate, the EVGA GTX 670 FTW is the best GTX 670 card for the money you'll find.
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