PC monitor buy = 100$

I have been looking at some monitors and i have no idea what is good and what isn't. I know about parts but not monitors. I have narrowed it down to two of them but i still have no idea which one is better. I dont know what my rez will be but here are my system specs. (the ones that matter)

APU: A10-5800K Ya i think thats the only thing that matters

Here are the two that i have been looking at. If you have a better recommendation you can state it. I will buy it tonight or tomarrow if at all possible cause of sales but keep it cheap.



Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. it would be nice to get an answer
  2. sorry but bump again
  3. Can you list the models instead of a link?
  4. envy14tpe said:
    Can you list the models instead of a link?

    Yes i can, and thanks for replying it is very much appreciated

    AOC monitor: E2250SWDN

    BenQ monitor: GW2250
  5. sorry but i need this really soon :(
  6. I would say the AOC one as the BenQ one is sold out.
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