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After formatting my hard disk and reinstalling windows xp (followed by the drivers) on my Fujitsu Siemens laptop , I am unable to connect to internet. I use a linksys router and connec to it by wireless. In the taskbar , the icon for the wireless network connection shows that it is connected to the linksys router but i am unable to connect to any website.Before formatting and reinstalling windows xp, I was using the same laptop with the same router without any problem .However , I am able to connect to internet using another laptop through the same router . Obviously something has gone wrong after reinstalling windows. Another thing I have noticed that although the task bar icon of wireless network connection shows that it is connected to the router, i am unable to get access to the router after typing in the address bar of the internet explorer in the problem laptop but no such problem in the other laptop . I have intel pentium processor and internet explorer as my browser.
Can you please help ?
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  1. Are you SURE you put in the pass phrase correctly?

    Do you have MAC filtering or guest access enabled on your router? It is possible your MAC address is now different.

    When connected, open op a Command Prompt and type ipconfig. Do you have an IP address, and is it in the range you expect?
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