Hd 69501gb vs hd 7850vs 7870

hi im wondering i just got a hd 6950 1gb but I'm wondering should i sell it and get a 7000 series
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  1. ahahhaha skitz u keep posting and bought that card so fast :p

    Why should you .You just bought it .

    Any problem with that card ?


    If u really have the $ sell it and get 7870.

    But what games you want to play and @what resolution ??
  2. 1600x900 mafia 2 gta 4 sleeping dogs battlefield 3 and the new games
  3. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/510?vs=549

    With 7850 ,6950 is nearly the same except in bf3 where 7850 goes ahead.


    With 7870 it is another story.It goes ahead by a large margin in every game so why not :)

    Hd 7870 consumes 165W and the Hd 6950 180W so you are ok with that PSU.
  4. so will i get much of an increase with hd 7870 than a hd 6950
  5. Not that you'll notice and especially not at your res. If I can run BF 3 on ultra at 1920x1200 with a 6970 you certainly can run it at 1600x900. You only have 3/5ths the pixels.

    But your money to waste
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