Graphics Card Not Working After Rebuilt


CPU: i7 3770
PSU: 700W

***Things I'm Sure and Did***

- Graphics Card power connectors connected, green light indication
- Motherboard power connector connected
- PSU Paperclip test successful
- Reseated GPU, no hope
- Reseated RAM, no hope

So heres the problem. 2 hours ago I decided to reorganize my cables and stuff, so I did a rebuilt and clean install of my PC, and now my GPU is not outputting anything to my display monitor. (on board works though)

When I connect my HDMI cable to my onboard connector everything works fine, but nothing comes out when I connect it the the GPU port. I just bought these hardware 2 days ago and the GPU was working before the rebuild.

I tried to install my GPU drivers via the included disc, and NVIDIA showed a message:

"Install Cannot Continue: This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware."

It's really unlikely to be a hardware problem since the GPU works just 3 hours ago before the clean install/rebuild, so is there anything I can do (maybe in the BIOS, or a CMOS reset) to get output from my GTX 670?

Any help appreciated thanks!
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  1. sounds like you may want to reseat the card in the motherboard slot and make sure the power connections are in properly.
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