New system for april questions and suggestions!

There is the link if you guys have any suggestions feel free to ask! I'm splurging a little since i'm getting a nice check. The gtx 680 would be replaced for the 780 once it releases which I hope is sometime April. i'll be ordering all this then. I just want some insight on my hardware choices.
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  1. The 3770k is much overkill for gaming. The i5-3570k is much better suited since most games don't utilize even 4 cores much less 4 hyperthreaded cores. 16GB RAM is overkill too but won't hurt if you want to spend. The GTX 670 would be a better choice as it is over $100 cheaper and can OC to be pretty neck and neck with the 680. 800W PSU is overkill too. You could get by with 600-650W easily. If you really want to go all out on liquid cooling, but you can get just as good OC results with an 212 EVO air cooler for $29. I base all of this on that you will primarily be gaming with this. If you do heavy photoshopping or rendering, go with the i7.
  2. I see, but most games do utilize 4 cores... I thought it was the 6 core that you stay away from? The overkill parts are part of the splurging, I want a machine that I won't have to rebuild for a couple years :D. Which is one of the reasons why I've decided to go all out with these specs to a degree of course, I can't see myself spending 1k on a cpu lol.
  3. Yep. That is true. What I meant to say is that you won't gain any benefit from the hyperthreading of the i7. The i5 is a true 4 core processor which will be fine for some time to come.
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