Need help setting up dual monitors

first off i need to say that I'm not very good with computers but this seems like the best site to ask on. and second i dont know if this was the right section to post on but i figured it was a good guess because of whats in my computer.

i am trying to set up my computer to have the setup where my monitor is the main screen and my TV is an extension to the desktop. i have an AMD Raedeon HD 4200. i figured that if i plug my monitor into my computer using the normal pc monitor plug (again not very good with computers, i think its a 64bit plug i dont know, its white lol), and plug my tv into my computer using the HDMI input it would work with some messing around in the display settings. the issue i am having is when my tv is not on that input then the screen appears on my monitor, but when it is on the input its on only the tv not both. and when i go into the settings my computer wont pick up both displays only what ever one i am on.
i am running vista too if that helps at all

i hope you guys can help, even with my lack of knowledge with computers. if you need any more info just ask, i'm sure i can at least figure that out.
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  1. Have you configured the settings in Catalyst Control Center? And what OS you are using?
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