Crossover 27Q flashing w/ mac mini 2012

I recently bought a Crossover 27Q monitor and I'm having issues with my mac mini 2012 and my macbook air 2011. I have a dual link dvi cable and an apple minidisplayport to dual link dvi adapter. I've tried two different adapter cables and all the different usb ports. I've also bought a replacement dual link dvi cable just in case the one the monitor came with was faulty. The crossover simply flashes on and off repeatedly every few seconds but when it's on I can see the desktop on the screen. I keep reading that this setup should be possible but I'm at a loss on what to try next. Considering getting a different monitor but I want to make sure I try everything first.
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  1. @ngianos, Did you ever find a solution? I have a macbook air 2012 and I have the same screen issue.
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