Can I install XP 64 bit on this desktop?

Hi everyone,

I'm about to buy a new very ordinary desktop with:

AMD A4 3300
Gigabyte A 55M-DS2
500 HD
E-mag Casing with 500w PSU

Can I install XP 64 bit on this desktop?
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  1. yes you can :) but fyi some motherboard makers dont include xp driver anymore. please check the driver from your mobo website first
  2. Can I have 8GB RAM?
  3. yes you can :) 8GB and 64bit OS is a good combination

    btw why not win7? win xp is already outdated
  4. win xp takes less resources.
  5. banttt said:
    win xp takes less resources.

    I wouldn't be so sure about that.

    I honestly can't recommend getting such an out of date operating system, yes XP was good but it is phasing out. Do you really want the hassle of struggling to look for old outdated drivers etc every time you install something?

    I would very much reconsider your position here.
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