Upgrading 260gtx superclocked for under $150?

I currently have a 2500k, 4.2ghz and 16gb mem.
So far I have 1 geforce 2660gtx superclocked. I have a 2nd one, but sometimes I get odd performance issues.
Booting up gives beeps, etc. Each card alone is fine.
PSU is an antec 750w. I have a 650w corsair, just has 2 pcie plugs so I end up having to use the 2xmolex to 1 pcie, etc.
I'm just looking at the hierarchy charts and Im not sure I can jump 2+ levels for under $150.
Also Id much prefer geforce, evga if possible. I had bad experience with ati and especially old onboard stuff that I still have nightmares about.
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