HIS 4670 rattling fan

My HIS 4670 Ice Q GPU's fan is rattling. It's been going on now for over a week, thought it was my CPU cooler but after
finally diagnosing it's the gpu.
It really rumbles more than rattles as it's more inaudible compared to my ball bearing exhaust fan.

Is this repairable on my end? I would guess it's not worth the sending back if I can repair it cheaper at home.
These types of coolers are a job to clean as they're enclosed in plastic compared to my other msi PE 6850.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. I purchased this on 11.27.10 I don't think they'll cover it anyway. Exactly 2 years of warranty. Irony
  2. NM. It's intermittent. A PCI card was vibrating on it. :/
  3. Well, I got my replacement HD 4670 several days back, just installed it the other day and it really works well. My compliments go out to HIS. They really went the extra mile with me on this card at the literal last second.
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