HELP No signal to monitor after new hardware install

AMD FX8320
ASRock 970 Extreme 3
Diablotek 500 watt PSU
3x Kingston Red 1600 4GB
1x IPSC 1333 8GB
LCD Fan Controller
Stock AMD FX Fan
120mm Fan
Green Cathod Case Light
Geforce 210 Video Card


So the other day i built this computer and it ran fine, but when i went to install another hard drive, i booted the computer and nothing came up on the monitor. I had no idea what went wrong, so i disconnected it and restarted and had the same issue. I waited a few minutes and gave it a boot up and got video back on the monitor, so left the system as-is.

Then today, i purchased a new green light so i installed it and booted the computer. The PC turned on for a second and turned off on its own. I pushed power again and the PC seemed like it was running fine, but no signal on the monitor.

I feel there are three probable causes of this problem:
1. PSU - not enough juice to support the video card
2. Mobo - not properly able to support the video card
3. Video card - not working half the time

I feel the video card and mobo should be fine because they work prior to a new addition to the PSU load... which leaves me with PSU issue. Any ideas?
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  1. Diablotek 500 watt PSU -> sureeee
    dude, dont cheap out on PSU

    all your expensive peripherals depend on it, get a quality one, minimum is corsair cx 500 v2
  2. Do you think that is the issue?

    How do you feel about a thermaltake 600 watt or OCZ 600 stealthxtreme?

    Also, i am running 3x 4GB kingston red 1600 sticks and 1x 8gb IPSC 1333 stick, i am told they cannot run dual channel because of the difference in speed, is this true? And how much of a difference does this make? would i be better with 4x 4gb kingston red over my current setup?

  3. Feeling that ur PSU is the culprit.
    If u have doubt in sticks u can better remove either of and try a system start.
    Do it and post lets go to the next step..
    Also are u sure that sys doesnot even boot up or if shutdowns when graphic is utilzed(i.e. more load)??
  4. When the computer boots up without additional devices, i have no issues at all outside of the computer behaving a bit slower than expected (explorer.exe constantly stops responding). But like i have said, when i attach new hardware, such as a hard drive, cathod light or whatever the computer starts up but does not have any video output (monitor says no signal). There are no audible beeps from the motherboard and i am certain the 5-pin mobo speaker is connected.
  5. Also, without additional hardware being installed the computer boots fine and shows all the ram sticks working. So i do not think it is the ram... i feel the PSU does not have the juice required for the load despite being 500W (newegg's PSU calculator states i require 400W so im not sure what the issue is). Any suggestions?
  6. ^ your diablotek 500w is a lie.... almost 70% psu in the market is a lie

    only some trusted brand give the real wattage written
    corsair, antec, xfx, seasonic.

    make sure you get psu from one of above list
  7. corsair cx 500 v2 is a minimum
    there is 600, 650, 750 version from this brand
  8. Plug ur CPU directly into socket without a UPS and check it..
    Check if u can remove ur PSU and fit some other higher end (750 W Corsair) by borrowing it from someone.
    Thios could solve ur problem.
  9. Plugged in 600W OCZ power supply and same thing happened... maybe the video card?
  10. switched pci e slots and still no video
  11. Any help?
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