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9600 gso vs gt 610

which card is better?


or this?

the 610 is just a renamed version of the gt 520, in case you're wondering. also, most reviews for the 9600 gso are talking about a different model. i want to know if this 9600 model is better than the 610 i linked to, please
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  1. can we bump on these forums? i wouldn't know.
  2. The 9600 is far superior to the 610, even with its age. The 610 is the lowest end card of this current GPU generation, whereas the 9600 was a middle class card when it came out.
  3. but this model has 48 cores, as opposed to the normal 96 cores of the 9600. the gt 610 also has 48 cores. i'm wondering if this specific version of the 9600 is better than the gt 610 by a considerable amount, rather than the average version of the 9600.
  4. so which is better? by how much? one person who said he owned both said the 9600 of this kind was barely better than the gt 610
  5. bamp?
  6. most people are saying to go with the hd 6570. what would you do in this situation?
  7. It helps if you state what you want the card for e.g. gaming, HD movies, etc.

    I assume your budget is ~$50, in which case i would suggest the HD 6670 here:

    It's a much better choice than the HD 6570 assuming you are looking for a card to play games on a budget.
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    Yeah get the HD 6670, the $10 card is about the equivalent of iintel hd graphics lol. As for the 39.99 one, i still wouldnt touch it
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