Video Card With Multiple displays problem.

I have a problem with my video card drivers. First off i have 2 cards one is a AMD HD 6950 CUII and one is a AMD HD 4600 series. Now i hooked up the old card that was sitting around so i could have three monitors. Everything worked great however my g19 keyboard has issues with ati/amd so i had to reinstall my video card driver to make it work again. After that my 4600 card stopped working and was disabled by windows in device manager. My 4600 card shows a yellow sign with a code 43 error in task manager. Now i installed only the driver for my 6900 series and i dont know how it would work to install 2 different drivers of 2 different cards and if that would clash with each other. I looked around for answers and have yet to find it.
Windows 8 x64
Amd 1090T x6
AMD 6950
AMD 4600
Asus Crosshair formula iv
1000W Antec PSU
1tb Green WD
32GB SSD (contains my windows files)(little room to work with)
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  1. Well ... I suppose one solution would be to ditch the 4600 and hook all 3 monitors up to the 6950. You can use all 3 without SLS (single large surface ... continuous desktop) mode if you prefer. This would cut down on power, heat, and hassle.

    All you need is an active adapter for the displayport to whatever cable you have going to the third monitor (or a displayport cable if your monitor supports it natively)
  2. yes, i am aware that i can hook 6 monitors to that 1 video card however that does require a active display port like you said and that video card is cheaper than the display port itself. I'm kinda broke atm anyways and cant go out buying thats i dont need if i can just solve what this issue is.
  3. What ive done so far to try and fix:
    Re install Driver twice.
    Update driver software in device manager
    Disable the 6950 and see if the 4600 would work.
    Take the card out and put it in a different slot.
    Restarted windows ._. of course.
    Detect monitors in resolution settings
    Still nothing. How frustrating -.-
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