Gigabyte OC 9750 vs Asus 9750

Hi, I'm just wondering - what exactly are the differences between the Gigabyte OC 9750 card and the Asus 9750 card? Is either significantly better than the other, or are both about on par with each other?

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  1. I assume you mean 7950. The main difference is the cooler on each card. The Gigabyte card has three fans, the Asus one has two. I suspect the Gigabyte card will have better cooling as a result.

    Also, you didn't mention which Asus version you're looking at. They have an overclocked version which matches the Gigabyte, while a stock version will run slower by default (but can be manually overclocked).

    Edit: It appears some of the non-overclocked Asus 7950s have a different cooling solution with just a single fan. They'll be comparably poor (but may be cheaper to offset that drawback).
  2. First off I'm assuming you mean the 7950 and not 9750, and I am not sure which Asus model which you are referring to. I think they make both a reference model and an aftermarket for the 7950. However, I do know the after market for the 7970 is a 3 slot cooler and although it is a fantastic card it takes up a ton of space.
    I personally own a gigabyte 7970 windforce which is basically the same as their 7950 card and it is fantastic. The card is shorter than most other 7970s and also is only a dual slot cooler. The aftermarket cooler on it is very nice with the triple fans and will keep the card cool and allow a nice overclock. The only issue or con I could mention is that when the fans are really working (80% of higher) it is a very loud card and suffers from some coil whine. But the amount of overclock you need to bring the card to those limits is tremendous. I personally have mine OC'd to 1140mhz and the memory at 1430mhz.
  3. Sorry - I did mean 7950. I don't know why I typed 9750...

    To be honest, I'm not sure which model I'm talking about, I'm reading off a price sheet which simply reads "3GB 7950 Gigabyte OC" and "3GB 7950 Asus". I assume that the Asus model is the non-overclock version, as it doesn't mention OC in the name (as many cards on the pricelist). Therefore, I suppose, the Gigabyte would be the better option.

    Though that's odd, because the Asus model is $18 more. Hmm, I'll have to find out exactly which models they are.
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