Nvidia gtx 590 LOWFPS?

I have a 850w enermax revolution
Core i7 930 stock 2.8ghz turbo too 3.08
6gb corsair ram
p6t mobo
and gtx 590 gainward

i drop to around 30fps on borderlands 1 AT 1680X1050 even league of legends has fps drops please help im getting low fps in most games
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  1. What driver are you on? Have you done a clean install?
  2. im 306.97, should i unistall drivers and reinstall?
  3. Yes. Try older drivers also.
  4. the gainward gtx 590 that you use,i think because the gpu engine clock,cuda core,memory clock,ramdac,memory capacity on board,the driver also and remember technologies always moving forward to a new generation (sorry if i wrong) :)
  5. I fixed it, it was the cpu being stock at 2.8ghz. i put it too 3.8ghz No fps drops what so ever. Vysnc constant 60fps no drops :D
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