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PC reboots itself when watching a video/ gaming

November 26, 2012 9:20:23 AM

Hi, everybody.

I'm having one particular issue with my pc ever since I bought it, which was almost three years ago. My pc reboots itself when I'm watching a video (online and offline) or when I'm playing a game. Sometimes the screen just freezes together with high pitch sounds.

The pc just reboots without displaying a waring message of any kind, also when I unselect the option "restart computer" in the section for advanced startup and recovery settings.

I cleaned the computer, the fans work properly, no crazy temperatures (have tested it with HWMonitor and all temps are avg. 29 Celsius) and Windows shows a Kernel-41 error which doesn't help me either.

After having searched the internet thoroughly I unfortunately didn't manage to find a solution.

System specs:
* MSI P55M-GD45
* Intel core i7-860
* ATI Radeon HD5750 - 1GB GDDR5
* OCZ Gold K2 - D3 4GB 1333-999 LV
* CoolerMaster Real Power M520

* Win 7 64-bit
* As a monitor I'm using my Samsung LCD TV

Would love to get some advice from you guys.
Thanks in advance!