Opinions on this sub $1000 gaming box please

A friend asked me to put together a gaming rig that can run 3 - 24 inch monitors. He will be gaming on 1 monitor. My mistake I didn't ask what games he plays so may need to change the GPU etc. I don't game so can only read about, not see, the difference in better GPU's.

The $1000 budget is for everything except the monitors.

He can spend more but I'm not sure he needs to.

No overclocking, no SLI. No Micro Center, all will be ordered online in US. I'll use partpicker for final pricing.

Case - SilverStone PS08B $45 - has USB 3 on front panel, fits a 11.5 " card ( the 660 is about 9.75 ) decent airflow

MB - ASRock H77 Pro4-M $98 - No SLI

PSU SeaSonic Gold Series 550W $95 - Solid performer, has 2 x 6+2 GPU leads

CPU - Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz $200 - No overclock

GPU ASUS GTX 660 $240 - ???????? Here is where I need the most help ?????????

SSD Samsung 840 250Gb $180 - or a 128G SSD + 1T HDD = same price

RAM 8GB 1.5v $40

DVD burner $17

CPU cooler $35 prob a 212

Displayport to DVI adapter for the 3rd monitor $27

Windows 7 or 8 $100

Total = 977

That's priced from one site. I can reduce that some with pcpartpicker.

Does this build look like a decent balance for his needs ??

Should I bump the GPU up $100 to a 660 ti or a 670 .....or the Radeon equivalent ??

If anyone cares to comment on this I'd appreciate it. I feel a bit lost on the gaming aspect.

Thank You
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  1. go with the 128gb SSD and the 1T hd (with the os on the SSD, you will thank me for the extra space later)
    I would go with a Sapphire HD7870 in place of the 660 overall a lot better GPU it is the price of a 660 with a 670's performance
  2. He plays a game called Civilization. I have no idea of those game requirements ( hasn't that one been around awhile ? ) but want to give him some room to buy newer ones.

    Sounds like the 7870 is a good choice.
  3. I need help please. I'm lost when it comes to multi monitors.

    My client got some advice today from a friend that has me puzzled.

    He is not interested in Eyefinity, or with Nvidia surround ( does that take 2 cards ???)

    He has 3 monitors, not identical but close in size 23 - 24 inch.

    He wants to use these as separate monitors, extended monitors I think it's called, not see them as one big screen but three individual displays.

    He trades stocks and wants charts and stuff on 2 screens and play Civ 5 on the third screen.

    At first I thought a GTX 660 with an active display adapter would work. this one SAPPHIRE 100924 Active DisplayPort Adapter http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814999030

    Monitor 1 HDMI
    Monitor 2 DVI
    Monitor 3 Displayport to DVI adapter

    But I think I'm all messed up.

    Can he run 3 monitors this way on a Nvidia card ?????? or do I need to have a Radeon 7850 or 7870 card.

    For some reason he's hung up on Nvidia.

    I have no preference.

    Probably choose between ASUS, Saphire or MSI.

    He wants me to build this soon so any help is appreciated.
  4. I started a thread in Graphics. Thanks
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