How to determine what is a good graphics card?

I was just wondering if anyone could just explain how to determine if a graphics card is good or not.
Thanks in advanced.

- For now I will only be asking questions. ( I don't know much)

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  1. well most graphics cards that are made from nvidia on amd are gonna be good i dont know of any other graphic card makers

    reviews tell alot 4 star reviews and 5 are good

    price is a big factor if a compnay prices there product a 200 dollars it worth 170 to 225 so price is a factor and lastly check benchmarks on the internet hope i helped
  2. If it runs BF3 like this. :D

  3. big can of worms that one lol
    nvidia or amd fan boys will say theirs is best but end of the day come to price/performance
    how much you wanting to spend and for what games your playing or pcs main use
    just as htpc machines i think just on board graphics is enough . i prefer amds over intel here fm2 mb /Apu combo low cost decent for media boxes
    full gaming systems
    intel cpus i5 or i7 , still to decind myself between 660ti in sli or single 670 or 7970
    then come into play how many monitors your running single or multi high res.
    personally thinking about just a single 7970 MSI Radeon HD7970 Lightning BE 3GB on high end 27" + or going for the Sapphire Radeon HD7970 GHz Edition 6GB Vapor-X Edition using triple 27" setup only thing left for my build to decide on >.<
  4. Read reviews that compares different graphic cards. That's the only real way to find out if a graphics card within your budget is good. Techpowerup does some good reviews...

    Not looking to spend much and want good performance?

    Got a good amount of cash and you want pretty good performance?

    Got even more money and you want really good performance?

    You got money falling out of your ass and while you want great performance, it's more important to show your friends how big your e-penis is?
  5. The best way to tell is send it to me and i will get back to you with the results. kidding! I agree with jaguarskx it's best to check benchmarks and reviews.There are a few issues: 1) People make claims without backing it up with proof, 2) People make blanket statements, when the reality is that certain games favor certain hardware, 3) People make a few FPS advantage seem like a "win", when it usually falls within the margin of error and makes no difference in terms of performance.

    Your best bet is to always do your own research using the many review websites and don't always believe everything reported by random anonymous posters on a public forum.Because nine times out of ten you'll get a bias answer from members who sip red or green kool aid a bit to much.
  6. Look at this heirarchy list:,3107-7.html

    The closer to the top the better...
  7. boyabunda said:

    +1 Lool !!!

    No srsly now.

    Well depends on budget. You can check bench according to your resolution and see FPS. Normally 60+ Fps delivers the best playable gaming exp on 60 Hz monitor. On 120Hz its another story .

    VRam comes handy in bigger resolution like 1080P and more. (I mean 2Gb of VRam) On lower resolution its difficult to use more than 1GB of it.

    So when coming to eyefinity/Surround 3D u need more than 2 Gb of ram.
  8. play it safe build to identical pcs with everything the same apart for the graphics cards same games run nice on nvida while others run better on amd :D
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