Sapphire HD7850 1GB vs 2GB - Help!

Hi guys!

I want to upgrade my old video card 9600GT 512MB

I want to buy Sapphire HD7850 but i can not decide which one to buy the 1GB version or the 2GB version

For playing recent games, Sculpting (mudbox, zBrush), photoshop and 3D paiting... Dual 1080p monitors.

1GB version is 224$/173 euro
2GB version is 243$/187 euro

SO which one is better and more future proof?
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  1. 2GB is technically more future proof. At this point in time, 1GB is enough for 1080p gaming but that could change over the next couple of years; game developers might take into account that more VRAM is available and so future games could utilise more memory.

    Bottom line, the 2GB 7850 is more future proof but currently they perform the same at 1080p gaming.
  2. Thanks for your time and the help!
  3. Yes, the 2 GB version would be a much better choice.
  4. actually 1gb and 2gb is not much of noticeable change in the performance of most of the games. 1 gb is sufficient.. and why not save up abit more and get the 7870 because it is jus 10-15 bucks difference from the 7850 ...
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