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Hello, Hello, guys i really need help here i am in the store and i dont know which gtx 660 is the better buy for performance. which one of these would be better please help. i want the bes for performance


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  1. The EVGA Superclocked will be a tiny bit better but the MSI would be a bit quieter.

    I might go for a 7870 instead of a GTX 660 at that price.
  2. Reference cards yuck no thanks!I would not buy neither one.If i had to choose between the two i would go for the MSI.
  3. ^^You currently get more performance with 7870 for the same price as the GTX 660. 7870 is recommended.
  4. Yeah i agree get a 7870.The MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK is the MSI Lightning's smaller brother. It uses the company's signature Twin Frozr II dual-fan cooler. MSI has also increased the clock speeds of the HD 7870 HAWK to 1100 MHz GPU and 1200 MHz memory.You can overclock it yourself even further.I highly recommend it.
  5. pk my preference was nvidia though
  6. Then get which ever brand you favor i prefer non reference MSI and Asus for my GPU.
  7. ok cool
  8. just bought the msi version thanks guys.
  9. Currently I'm using a reference design GTX 660. It's way better than the inn03d iChill as I had before. It has even higher clocks at boost 1110,5 vs. 1084,5, and it is way cooler 72*C at max vs 85*C.

    You might consider getting Radeon 7870 because it's 5-7% ahead in performance at stock speeds, nothing noticeable. Though it uses a bit more power and is a little noisier, if you compare reference cards, but it's also a little cooler.

    Cooling on the two different chips has different thermal limits, so you can't really compare the heat, because some cards are meant to be hot, and doesn't get much affected by it, while others do.

    In the end, what brand you favors the most will be the optional choice. If you like the drivers and the cool technologies from Nvidia that would be your choice. If you like raw power and good overclocking capabilities, go for Radeon 7870.
  10. Your welcome!Enjoy...
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