Deciding on a midrange-ish Graphics Card

I have been thinking of purchasing a new graphics card, currently I have a Sapphire hd 5770. I'm hoping for an upgrade to the current mid-range cards and I'm stuck between a couple of cards, which are:
HD7770, GTX 650ti, HD7850 1Gb, Hd7850 2GB.

I will be having a 24 inch screen soon so I will be gaming on 1920x1080.
Can anyone suggest which one of those cards are worth the money and if none, any other cards I should be looking out for


Current PC:
600W PSU
i5-2500k CPU
8GB Ram
Sapphire 5770 1GB
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  1. The 7850 is a fantastic card for the price. If you can afford it, get the 2GB version (slightly more future proof) but if not, the 1GB is fine too. The 7850 also OCs pretty well for that extra performance.
  2. On average, Radeon cards tend to draw more power when pushed than Nvidia. They also can run hotter and louder.

    That is why I would choose this one.

    Pegger 3D :sol:
  3. I'd advise putting just a little bit more on it and getting a GTX660. Extremely capable card that will be fine with anything at 1080p, high settings and anti-aliasing, and should keep you at those settings with games for the next couple of years (though no guarantees of course - who knows how rapidly graphics requirements will advance!).
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