Looking for an upgrade of graphics card

as the title said, Im looking for an upgrade from my old graphics card.

system model: MS-7309
processor: AMD athlon(tm) II x2 250 processor - 3.0 GHz
memory: 2gig
g card: Nvidia geforce 7025
current display mode: 1600 x 900
PSU: 600w - 650w (not really sure)

I know my specs are low so could you guys tell me what to buy with 100-120$ price range.
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    omaroma11 said:
    3 free games on sale it couldnt be better

    Well even if it is the old gen card at that price its great and can still do very well at games.

    And about the PSU we need to be sure. Check it . We dont want to fry your PC
  2. thanks for the input guys, and btw I checked my PSU and its 600W

    will HD6870 a big jump from my cr*ppy geforce 7025?

    and lastly, I just saw this card

    is this far behind 6870?
  3. Well sure it is :)

    And by a large margin.

    And yes u will notice difference.

    And about the PSU what brand/model it is ?
  4. oh I see.

    the PSU brand is "power choice"

    and last question. how do I know if a game can run on my PC when I buy HD6870? I mean when I check the system req of games it shows like geforce 560 gtx or something like that

    thanks again!
  5. Well Gtx 560 Non Ti is on par with 6870.

    So u will do game. I linked u a benchmark where you can see game running with Hd 6870.

    Your PSU its not even a brand :S Im worried about it.

    Consider getting this and it will suffice you. You wouldnt have to worry about it :)

    65W Cpu
    155W Gpu
    32W Ram
    15W Hdd
    25W Dvd


    IMO you should really buy this PSU. That HP psu its scaring
  6. thanks for all the replies. im gonna try and get that PSU first.

    again, thank you very much for your help = )
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