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Hi everyone!

I have an HD 4780 hooked as my primary graphic card (PCI-e 16x), on which I have 2 monitors connected. The question is - if I connect another GPU to my PCI slot ("normal" PCI), i.e. HD 5450 PCI Edition, will I be able to make that PCI card work without screwing up all drivers or getting some conflicts?

I am doing that so I am able to connect a third monitor to the PCI card, just for the functionality and work sake; no gaming or so.

Am I going to have issues with conflicts, drivers, or other problems?

MBO is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3
E2140 C2D
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  1. Perhaps there might be some conflicts but in theory it should work. Only way to really know is to try it out.

    I'm able to use my integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics for a fourth monitor alongside an Eyefinity config off of 2 Crossfired 7950s. So in theory, your setup is similar in that you will be using 2 independent display devices for separate monitors.
  2. Hm, yes - only way to know is to try out. So I shall...

    Do you think I will have additional problems if I plug in an Nvidia card, concerning the everlasting driver conflicts between ATI and NVidia? I have an option to get nVidia 5500 PCI (256 MB) card which would then work along the main HD 4780 card.

    Thanks for help! :)
  3. ^Quite possibly. That card is also no more powerful than your onboard graphics.
  4. I don’t think you will have any issues, but you never can tell. I have mixed and matched video cards tons of times on all kinds of mother boards to get multiple displays. Windows does a great job at just dealing with it.

    I have a core 2 quad q6600 with a nvidia gtx470pcie and a HD 4850pcie running on an evga nvida 650i motherboard. That system runs 4 screens and runs great. I run games on the 470 all the time. While the AMD card runs the extra screens with steam friends list, core temp, vent, and afterburner running.

    If you already have a PCI card on hand just plug it in and try it out. If you’re going to buy a card, I would go with whatever one has the newest architecter regardless of model or performance rating.
  5. Tried it out and got it working BUT not completely.

    1. Connected the PCI card, put "PEG" as the main graphic source (in BIOS).
    2. Found some nForce drivers for Vista that were meant to work with the second GPU.
    3. Device manager found and described the GPU as it is, completely. No IRQ or other conflicts/problems.


    When 2 monitors connected, all is good. After connecting the third monitor, the resolution on the third one (2nd GPU) cannot be put to my native resolution (1440x900). Other resolutions provided, but none actually fit the screen's native resolution. Max resolution given at the time -> 1280x960.

    Tried every combination possible - 1st monitor on main GPU, other two on secondary GPU; 2 monitors on primary, etc. - all the same.

    DLded mobility modder for Nvidia and got the native resolution as an option for the third screen, but when I try to persuade the third screen to adjust the resolution I get BSOD every time.

    Obviously, three monitors are not an option with the FX 5500.

    NB! TWO monitors work fine, even Aero works good even though the refresh rate when moving windows etc. is a bit slow. But, TWO monitors work.

    Well then ... will have to search for a newer 2ndary GPU. Maybe HD 5450 will do the job...
  6. DarkSable said:
    ^Quite possibly. That card is also no more powerful than your onboard graphics.


    HD 4780 (512 DDR5) is not on board, it is plugged into the PCIe-x16 slot, and is definitely much much powerful than the FX 5500.
  7. Did u try 2 monitors plugged into the pcie 4870 and 1 plugged into the pci fx5500
  8. bucknutty said:
    Did u try 2 monitors plugged into the pcie 4870 and 1 plugged into the pci fx5500

    I did what you proposed, and that 3rd monitor got the max resolution of 1280x960. When I succeeded to get the 1440x900 resolution, after applying it I got BSOD every time I tried. After the restart, everything reset to the 2-monitor on the native resolution and the 3rd one on the 1280x960 setup.

    I do not understand why it fails, but it does....
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