My newly built PC has some troubles... I need advice

I upgraded my CPU and motherboard. Since than, I had PC restart on me and crash. But I had no BSOD.

What could be the problem? If I don't get BSOD does that mean the hardware is working properly and that the drivers are the ones causing it to crash?

Here is my PC spec
CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0Ghz
Memeory: 8GB corsair DDR3
GPU: AMD HD 6870
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
Samsung SSD 128GB and 500GB Wester Digital.
PSU: XFX(Seasonic) 600W
OS: Windows 7 64bit

This what happened. I was on eBay and my PC restarted. There weren't any programs running in the background, except Avast and AMD Catalyst. When my PC booted to Windows, it did not say my PC recovered from a serious error. But later I realized I did not update the BIOS and that my PC was running on outdated BIOS which did not support AMD 8350 Piledriver. I presume this what caused my PC to restart, but I'm not too sure.

Even after the BIOS update, my PC randomly crashed when I was watching Youtube video. Once again, I only had Avast and AMD Catalyst running in the background. I tried hitting Ctrl+Alt and Delete and nothing happened. I pressed the reset button and I was able to boot in to Windows.

I have tried the following test:
Memtest, ran it for 4 hours and no errors.
Prime95 64Bit --1 hour, no warnings or errors.
Burn-in test -- Pass. No fail.

I have updated all the hotfix from AMDs website for AMD Piledriver.

Could the crashing be related to the drivers? I never got ANY BSOD. Even under stress test, it passed without crashing.

I installed Windows after upgrading and re-installed it after updating the BIOS. I installed ALL update and checked if my SSD has the latest firmware

Any thoughts?

Cheers for any help, guys n' girls.
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  1. it sounds like there may be some problems with the drivers for your graphics card. If your computer is recently updated and began these problems, roll back the driver. If your computer has had these problems, update the driver.
  2. Make sure you have all the drivers loaded from the motherboard web site. My second guess is a power supply failing. Do you have any others you could use for a test?
  3. Hi,

    How old is your psu, It might be faulty.

    Have you monitor your cpu / gpu temps, computer might be overheating. You can download core temp and speed fan to give you an idea.

    If you go to control panel ==> system and security ==> administrative tools ==> event viewer

    select windows journal and check for errors in application or system.

    Good luck
  4. Have you disabled the integrated graphics?
  5. It does sound like a graphics driver issue, but I've also seen this happen because of memory errors, make sure they are seated correctly, and that the tabs that hold them in aren't damaged. try running only one stick at a time, see if you can reproduce the crash, and then swap out to the other stick.

    The memory error was causing the graphics driver to tank on my friends PC when he was watching youtube (cuz it was GPU accelerated), the little latch that held one of the sticks in was damaged, so when I swapped the 2 sticks to the other 2 slots, the crashing went away

  6. When it crashes does the monitor lose signal but the computer keeps running?
  7. I also seen memory tests run for 7 hours before showing any errors... :/

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