Monitor question

2 pcs 1 monitor
1 pc is hmdi - pc2 is vga
monitor is hdmi + vga socket

attached 2 cables to the monitor 1x vga 1 x hmdi
plugged them into both pcs but powered off.
which ever 1 i turn on - monitor sits in stand by.

if i just run 1 pc through the monitor say hmdi or vga works...
attached 2 pcs 1 vga pc with cord to monitor and 1 pc to monitor
on hdm i --- monitor just blinks and standby

bottom line i have 2 desk tops pcs - 1 hdm1 gpu socket
and 1 desktop gpu vga - some how or way im looking for
a way to run them both through this monitor which does have
a vga/hdmi port --- it just doesnt seem to like 2 pcs hooked to it
or im doing it wrong ?
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  1. well, even when a computer is "off" it will still send signals to the monitor(to tell it when to be on or off). the computer you're not using would have to be completely off(unplugged/psu switched off) for that to work. monitors are dumb, not "smart" like tvs that can deal with more than one input.
  2. ok - if i installed a hmdi card in my agp pc
    could i use an hdmi splitter like a kvm to switch
    between the 2 pcs ? or wouldnt that work

    i hear lots of people run 1 monitor with 2 computers
    but mainly both pcs are vga.
  3. that should work just fine, that would act like a video select on a tv.
  4. so can anyone tell me what i need if i have
    1 pc - hdmi
    1 pc vga
    1 monitor hmdi / vga socket

    what do i need to be able to run both pcs through the
    1 monitor?
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