How do i find my network password?

I am attempting to connect my Nook. When I search my IP Address I am told Internet Explorer cannot display the web page. I looked up my IP Address and another site told me I had a different IP Address. Neither of them can tell me how to get to my network password.
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    You must be wired directly to the router for this
    Go to Start-Run-Type in CMD <Enter>
    Type IPCONFIG <Enter>
    Look at the third set of numbers (Default Gateway)
    It should look something like
    Open up your Internet Browser
    Type in the Gateway address in the Address Line <Enter>
    This should take you to the Main Page of your router
  2. Thank you. I got the default gateway and typed it in and now I have another box that says "The server at WRT54G2 requires a username and password." The only password Bellsouth every gave me was my phone number and it seems to work for nothing at all.
  3. The default login is username: admin, password: admin
  4. that and my password is all dots (blacked out the actual password).
  5. If somebody set one or sometimes they are just like that and you just click in,and go to your settings.
  6. This is just information - I don't see where I can do anything but hit the Save Settings...and I still can't find my network password...
  7. There should me a tab or section for wireless settings.
  8. Settings:
    Wireless Configuration:
    Wireless Network Mode:
    Wireless Network Name (SSID):
    Wireless Channel:
    Wireless SSID Broadcast: EnableDisable

    The SSID doesn't work as the network password either.

    Then there is security tab, MAC Filter and Advanced Settings...none of which show a password
  9. Security tab

    Should be in this section
  10. Security Mode: DisabledWPA PersonalWPA EnterpriseWPA2 PersonalWPA2 EnterpriseRADIUSWEP
    WPA Algorithms: AESTKIP+AES
    WPA Shared Key:
    Group Key Renewal: seconds
  11. WPA Shared Key: < Is the key displayed after this
  12. WHich is just the phone number and doesn't work as the password for the Nook either. You have been a real peach putting up with my ignorance today.
  13. Any other ideas?
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